My name is Sergio Ochoa and I am a marketing strategist with a passion for Marketing strategist with a passion for creatively communicating and bringing products to market. Here are a few places online where you can find me roaming around from time to time.

I am a techie at heart with an obsession for learning new things, if I am interested in something it does not matter how difficult it may be to learn, I will stick with it and practice until I perfect it. This is especially true if my interest has anything to do with business, technology or cars, these three things I am very passionate about.

I love looking at my surroundings and trying to figure out how to make things better. This way of thinking gives me a constant stream of ideas which I then get to use to challenge myself in different aspects of my life. It’s these ideas that make me so passionate about marketing, everything about the process from creating a product to developing an innovative strategy that will get people to pay attention and ultimately buy from you is very exhilarating.

I am currently in the process of searching for my dream job and I have decided to do whatever it takes to find it. I’m not just going to go out and look for a job though, I am going to do something I have never tried before, something different and even a little crazy.

To learn more about me professionally, please visit my online profile or take a look at my resume.


  • Margie

    I admire your spirit and this is without a doubt a risque attempt that takes determination and motivation, but I don’t find it to be very in-line with Tesla’s ethos or their general marketing philosophy.
    By the way, it’s Germany.
    Bottom line – best of luck, Sergio!