Day 1 of filming tomorrow, here we go!

January 7, 2012 in Dream Job Campaign

First things first, sleep is good for you, don’t take it for granted! To bad I didn’t get much of it these past seven days, it looks like I need to start scheduling it into my calendar in order for it to actually happen. Although I am a bit tired, the week went by super fast and I have enjoyed every minute I have spent working on this project so far. Coincidence? Nope, that ladies and gentlemen is what a dream job feels like.

I have a new respect for what it takes to make a film. I had no idea of the amount of time and effort that is required to make one minute of video. There is so many variables to take into consideration and it does not become apparent until you actually work on a video project yourself. I am very glad to be getting a chance to learn the basics of a new craft, it will be a valuable skill to add to the arsenal.

Here is another thing I learned today, acting is difficult! Well, great acting is difficult, crappy acting not so much. Today was focused on shooting the B-roll scenes. I was pumped, it was a good way to warm up my completely non existing acting skills for my acting début. I managed to keep my cool and composure just up until the point before hearing “action”, after that it was five minutes of nervousness, sweating and complete rambling. It was sort of like I was speaking another language that I wasn’t familiar with and was being watched by a one eyed extraterrestrial.

After my out of this world experience I started to find my groove and things started to flow a lot smoother. The camera became my friend and my acting improved 0.00034% which I later found out was the inverse of six sigma. Who knew?

In the end, we ended up getting the shots we were looking for and managed to stay to the script for the most part, except for a few instance where I felt bold and made an attempt to ad-lib. I’ll save you the details, it wasn’t pretty.

* Image by Balazs Hajdu – Red Clover Media