Drafting the storyboard for the campaign

December 29, 2011 in Dream Job Campaign

Today the campaign came alive! I met up with my friend Jeff from DSJ Dimagination and we drafted the first parts of the storyboard. I would like to introduce everyone to Sergio Ochoa, the Car Whisperer!

The story is developing as I write this but the main premise is that the Car Whisperer is able to talk to cars and really understand what they are thinking and how they are feeling.… More

Time to do some brainstorming

December 27, 2011 in Dream Job Campaign

So it has been decided that I needed a new challenge, well that’s all fine and dandy but now I needed to do some brainstorming for some exciting ideas on how I could challenge myself. I needed a good place to think, a place to get the creative juices flowing and what better place to do that than the open road?… More

An idea is born

December 26, 2011 in Dream Job Campaign

There had been something trying to get my attention lately but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until today. An idea has popped into my mind that I quite don’t know how to interpret. What I do know is that I want to do something different, I want to do something to push myself, I want to do something creative and challenging and it has to do with my career.… More