The “unofficial” response from Tesla

March 2, 2012 in Dream Job Campaign, Featured

It has been almost a month since the campaign to find my dream job went live and I am happy to report that today I received some news that is very welcomed.

A visitor identified as “Guest” has been able to get more information regarding what is happening inside the walls of Tesla Motors. Although it’s not an official response from Tesla, it does give me an idea of what I should be expecting from now on and helps me in adjusting the goals for this campaign.

“Guest” left the following comment on my blog at…


“good job! just sent ur webpage to a friend at tesla who showed it to a recruiter, she says the recruiter watched ur vid but says too bad they’re not looking for marketing at the moment, but maybe later on. they’re looking for production people right now.”

Although it wasn’t the answer I was hoping for, it’s an answer and there is a level of comfort in knowing. At the moment I’m not sure what my next steps will be. Do I still want to work for Tesla? Of course, they are an awesome company. What steps do I take next? Well, I still want to find my dream job since that was the main purpose putting together this campaign. This just means that I am going to have to make a couple of changes in direction.