A sneak peak into what’s ahead

January 24, 2012 in Dream Job Campaign

I have seen seen bits and pieces of the video and I am happy to report that my performance looks better than it felt, the Car Whisperer is alive! In this picture I try to help out an Audi that is a bit upset, its definitely not an easy job but the Car Whisperer is the only one that can do it.


Here the Car Whisperer talk about how he enjoys the finer things in life. Things such as the sweet smell and taste of an expertly crafted wine and an exquisite culinary creation that is pleasing to the palate.


Super heroes need to stay in shape don’t they? The Car Whisperer is no different and makes it a priority to take time to work on his health following an elite fitness regimen.

That’s just a little taste of whats to come, stay tuned for more…

* Images by Jeff Dimagmaliw – DSJ Dimagination