The journey to find my dream job!

February 8, 2012 in Dream Job Campaign, Featured

It’s a competitive world out there and I have decided to take a different and creative approach this time. Today I set out on a mission to find my dream job and I have created an online “Hire Me” campaign to help me find it.

So what is this campaign all about? Well, about a month ago I made the decision to go out and search for a job that I would really love, a job that would allow me to use my passion for business and technology to the fullest and a job where I would enjoy coming in to work everyday. It will be with a innovative company that has a great culture, great people and is focused on making an impact with their products.

The purpose of the campaign is simple, to help distinguish myself in the job market and to help get the attention of potential employers by showing them a bit of what I can do for them. Basically, I am marketing myself.

I will be keeping track of my journey on my personal blog and you are all welcome to be by my side as the campaign unfolds. But for now, lets kick off this campaign, I hope you enjoy it!