Another weekend of filming done, time to shine

January 14, 2012 in Dream Job Campaign

This weekend was a blast, the filming is finally done! It was a bit easier this time around and I think I’m getting the hang of it. Maybe an acting career is in my future… no, never mind. My team and I have put a lot of work into this project and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I have decided to add a few extra videos to the scope after taking the advice from my friend Balazs from Red Clover Media. He came up with a great idea to include a set of videos where I touch on my experiences of going through the process of creating this campaign. To add to that, we also have some bloopers and behind the scenes footage that should make a few people laugh.

Now that the shooting of the raw video is complete my work is done and it’s time for the professionals to take over. For me, its time to focus on the online marketing strategy. As much as I loved my brief voyage into the world of acting, I now get to focus on my real forte. I need to make sure that the major components of the strategy integrate perfectly and flow together smoothly. They have to be well designed, simple and have a touch of style. My goal is not just to throw a video online with a link to my resume and contact information, I am going to try my best to have it tell a story that people want to actually follow.

Speaking of a story, I got a chance to meet the star of the film this weekend and we shared a nice leisurely mountain drive. Driving the Roadster was very interesting to say the least, the most impressive thing about it had to be the amount of torque that it generates from a standstill. I have read reviews and have heard others describe what its like to drive a Roadster and I have to agree, it’s like nothing I have ever driven before. I would love to take that thing to the track and test it out!

* Image by Balazs Hajdu – Red Clover Media