Time to do some brainstorming

December 27, 2011 in Dream Job Campaign

So it has been decided that I needed a new challenge, well that’s all fine and dandy but now I needed to do some brainstorming for some exciting ideas on how I could challenge myself. I needed a good place to think, a place to get the creative juices flowing and what better place to do that than the open road?

I have always had good luck coming up with some pretty interesting and crazy ideas when its just me, my car and the asphalt. This time was no exception. In order to take my career to the level, I decided that I would create a marketing campaign to market myself to my future potential employers, simple enough.

But what would this campaign be like?  Well I wasn’t exactly sure, that’s what the brainstorming was for. There was one thing I was sure about though, the campaign would not be a resume that was posted online and made pretty, that just would not work for the kind of challenge I was looking for.

Sure a resume does an OK job of telling others what you have been able to do professionally in the past, but when you are looking to take it up a notch you need to add to that something that’s different, exciting and shows people what you are capable of. And that’s exactly the plan, 30 days of the unknown are ahead of me.

* Image: On the road again by Johannes Ouendag, on Flickr